The 7th J.S Bach International Guitar Competition took place on April 24, 2016.

Here are the records.

All Candidates, Jury, Staff and Sponsors
The Awards Ceremony
1st place : I. Yamada
2nd place : I. Akita
3rd place : R. Ishimaru
4th place : R. Nakayama
5th place : K. Akai
6th place : S. Hayashi
H. Tanaka
Guest : K. Imoto
- - We had a nice stage performed by each finalists and
Mr. Kyohta Imoto, the 1st place winner in 2015.

- - All of us, organizers, appreciate that this competition
has been developing year by year for 7 times up to now.

- - We congratulate Mr. Ioh Yamada on his 1st prize and
the other finalsts on their prizes.

- - We also expect the progress of every candidates who lost the prize
by a narrow margin and are looking forward to meeting them again.